She, Immortal

Photography by Diogo Heber
Model Janaina Carrer
Poem by Lucy Luna

She missed the flames dancing in the dark

Yet in fire, she was

Burning, she was

The smell of butterflies was stronger than her flesh in flames

Her skin was pure

His nails scratched the pain away

Creation. Then, annihilation

One step away from death

She could not die

Truth can be violent

For fragile souls

The smell of butterflies was stronger

Stronger than the smell of blood

She let death in

She let it out

Love inside


She could not die

Janaina by Diogo Heber
Janaina by Diogo Heber

The daughter became the mom

Then sun has always loved the moon

They give birth to days

They give birth to nights

In her dreams and her fears


Where her guts are

Where life begins

Where the heart beats

Death comes and takes

Not this time

It came and left


She earned her right to fly

A skin that shines

Bright and wild

Love inside


She could not die

Taking it all

Eating it all

She swallows the aching pain

From it, she builds

With it, she flies

This story is hers and hers only

The ghosts are scared of her love for life

The demons dance

Her body is the weapon

The tool, the answer, the temple

She loves

She loves

One more time for the deaf souls;


Save the bullets

She is immortal

She cannot die

Janaina by Diogo Heber

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